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Digital printing

is a cutting edge printing technology. Process similar to printing on paper with to ink printer, only instead of paper we have garment and a spacial ink for textiles is used. In this method almost anything is printable reardless of size and numer of colors or tonal transitions. Printing with DTG is done in Poznań. Standard time of order processing is from 3 to 7 business days.

[service icon=”fa fa-thumbs-up” title=”PLUSES OF DTG” description=”Easy preparation
Ordering small quantities possible
cost effective even for one copy
complex graphics can be printed
complexity of graphic does not effect the costs of printing” animation=”pulse”]
[service icon=”fa fa-thumbs-down” title=”DISADVENTAGES OF DTG” description=”-

Pantone colors unavailable
availble only on 100% cotton

” animation=”pulse”]